Live as you think

The new concept of oldest housing in the world arrives in the Iberian Region.

There are decisions that shift the way. The world is posing the challenge of bringing the environment, architecture and design together. GREEN MAGIC HOMES creates homes using an innovative and technological construction system that respects the environment.

We offer you a tailor-made home, taking advantage of the characteristics of the land, natural resources and renewable energy sources.

A proposal that will make our philosophy come true, Live as you think! Our houses guarantee the principle of bioclimatic architecture with an exclusive design integrated into nature, natural lighting, thermal insulation and native vegetation.

The possibility of this change in the way of living is already in the Iberian Region.


If you are a hospitality or home developer, at GREEN MAGIC HOMES we know that your commitment is to satisfy the needs of each client, a philosophy that we share. We aim to offer a product aligned to our purpose of offering competitive and innovative solutions.

Humanity is in the need to reconnect with our roots and we are leading the way back to how we used to live, but integrating modern technologies to the construction process. Reconnect with what really matters and have control of the most valuable quality time. This trend opens the opportunity to promote the promotion of unique homes that take advantage of the richness of the environment to make them bio-climatic and efficient. Projects under the trends of the international real estate market.

The traveler wants to experience the destination under the premises of sustainability, authenticity, differentiation and exclusivity. A growing demand that generates a new scenario for investment reflecting these values in the tourism offer. Promoting the development of our products within the field of tourism means being part of one of the most important industries at the moment.

New values, new standards, new benefits.

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Excellence is part of our corporate culture. For this reason, we put all our resources and an experienced team at your disposition, and together we can guarantee a quality product for customer satisfaction.

If you are interested in building or designing, we provide you with the information so you can become a GREEN MAGIC HOMES certified builder.

You can also join our GREEN MAGIC HOMES network as a delegate in any area of Spain, Portugal or Andorra.

Together with GREEN MAGIC HOMES, you can enhance the benefits of the new architectural and technological trends in this sector. Quality of life, respect for the environment, design and unique materials respond to the new standards with which everyone now wants to identify.

An innovative field for investment that represents an unbeatable competitive advantage.

A new way of building the future. Join the GREEN MAGIC HOMES network.

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